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The Adopt-A-Spot program is open to community or neighborhood associations, church groups, families, and individual community members. Our goal is to inspire citizens to care for our community by maintaining a clean and safe place for our residents and visitors to live, work, and play.

Areas available for adoption:

The Adopt-A-Spot program includes Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Park, and Adopt-A-Road and is a great way to give back to your community! As a Volunteer Leader, we ask you to organize a group of volunteers a minimum of four times per year (once per quarter), to pick up litter at your adopted site. We also ask that you record and report the number of hours that your volunteer team contributes toward cleaning up your park and keep track of the weight of trash collected.

Keep Pensacola Beautiful will ensure that you have the support that you need to succeed. You will work closely with our staff to coordinate and keep track of your efforts. The support from Keep Pensacola Beautiful will include:

·         Adopt-A-Spot program orientation and safety briefing

·         Equipment like trash bags, easy-reachers, gloves, etc. and guidance on the maintenance needs of your chosen area

·         A recognition plaque at the adopted site displaying the name of your group or organization

We appreciate your participation and are excited to help get you started! If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below!



  • A group must consist of at least one adult for every five youth
  • Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age to work along a roadway
  • Commit to a two-year contract
  • Complete an annual safety training
  • Hold a minimum of four cleanups per year

Pensacola's City Parks Available for Adoption

Granada Square – 1001 E Cervantes St                 

Hollice Williams Park – 1601 N Hayes St                 Allen Park – 141 Calloway Ave

Bill Gregory – 150 N W St                                       Morris Court -  1401 W Lloyd St

Terry Wayne East – 1620 W Jackson St                   Kiwanis Park – 1801 W Romana

Armstrong Park – 300 W Lakeview                            Victory Park I – 1810 N Reus St

Victory Park II – 1301 N Devillers St                         Long Hollow Park – 1001 N Guilimatd St

Georgia Square – 1000 N Palafox St                      Miranda Square – 1005 N Palafox St

Miraflores Park – 1601 E LaRua St                          Lions Park – 1201 E LaRua St

Toledo Square – 1700 E Gonzalez St                     Cordova Square – 1101 N 12th Ave

Malaga Square – 1000 E Blount                             Greenwood Park – 1850 N 9th Ave

Estramadura Square – 1500 E Lakeview Ave

Bayou Texar Boat Ramp – 2700 E Cervantes           EPH Lions Club Park – 2900 E Gonzalez St 

Mallory Height #3 – 2600 Scenic Hwy                      Zamora Square – 1800 E Bobe St

Catalonia Square – 2300 N 12th Ave                       Magee Field – 2400 Dr MLK Blvd

Lamancha Square – 1400 E Cross St                      HK Matthews Park – 3100 N 12th Ave

Granada Subdivision Park – 105 Pineda Ave          Durant Park – Barcia and 9th Ave

McNealy Park – 520 Woodland Dr                           Pineglades Park – 301 Euclid St

Baars Park – 4340 N 12th Ave                                 Pintado Park – 1830 Hallmark Dr

Springdale Park – 600 E Brent                                Fairchild Park – 2029 Fairchild Dr

Parker Circle Park – 601 Parker Circle                     Miralla Park – 650 Connell Dr

Dunwoody Park – 3600 McCellan Dr                      Mallory Heights #1 – 3000 Rothschild Dr

Mallory Heights #2 – 3600 Goya Dr                        Baycliff Park – 4150 Monteigne Dr

Lavallet Park – 3910 Montalvo Dr                          D’Evereux Park – 4437 D’Evereux Dr

Tierra Verde Park – 5850 Reynosa Dr                     Eastgate Park – 3500 Forest Glen D

Belvedere Park – 4001 San Gabriel Dr                   Woodcliff Park – 4710 Balmoral Dr

Baywood Park – 4597 Baywoods Dr                        Elizabeth Peadon Park – 6385 Audubon Dr

Camelot Park – 7705 Gallahad Rd                         Dunmire Woods Park – 1135 Northbrook Ave

Tippin Park – 6600 Tippin Ave 

Interested in How to Adopt-A-Spot
Please indicate the type of Adopt-a-Spot you are interested in:

Current Adopt A Spot Groups

Westernmark Park - Westernmark Improvement Committee

Civitan Park - NATTC Pensacola MT Division

Lincoln Park - Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center

Osceola Park - Cub Scouts Pack 2

Armstrong Park - Spencer Cross

Alabama Square - Voyage Real Estate

Admiral Mason Veterans Memorial Park - NIOC Pensacola, N3D

Navy Blvd. from Gulf Beach Hwy. to Interbay Ave. - Warrington Revitalization Committee

Perdido Key Drive in front of FloraBama - Legacy

South Hwy. 95A - Saint Monica's Episcopal Church

Scenic Hwy. - Scenic Hwy. Trashersizers

12th Ave. & Gonzalez St. -The Vineyard Bistro

Ebonwood Community Center - Blue Angel Music, Inc

Ross Dickson Park - U.s. Airforce 316 Det 1. Corry Station 

Seville Square - Seville Rotary Club 

 Operto Square - The Brown Family



Our Impact This Quarter: Sept 2018-Dec 2018

  • Volunteer Hours


  • Community Service Hours


  • Lbs of Trash Removed from Local Events


  • Lbs of Roadside Litter Removed


  • Lbs Trash and Litter from Parks Serviced


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