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Waste in Place

Educational Activities About Recycling, Beautification, and Litter

KPB can provide your class with a variety of educational activities, free of charge that center around recycling, beautification of the community, and litter prevention. Schedule a class period and a KPB representative will come to your school and deliver a fun and interactive activity. These activities can be tailored for different age groups and are generally designed to last 45 minutes to an hour. Materials and equipment are all provided by KPB.


With these activities, students will learn proper recycling habits, the recycling process and why it is important for our community. Examples of these activities are provided below.

Papermaking: Students will be able to name the benefits of paper recycling, summarize the paper recycling process and will make their own sheets of recycled paper!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Students will be able to identify consumer behaviors that contribute to the solid waste stream and will find how they score on a short survey that will examine the choices they make as consumers and how those choices affect the solid waste stream. This is a short activity and can be combined with another topic.


Students will be provided tips and tricks about how to beautify our community, how to be better stewards for the environment, and learn all the plants and animals that are around us. Examples of activities are provided below.

Turn Over a New Leaf: Students will be able to identify materials needed in the composting process, identify problems that may arise in composting, and list ways to use compost. Students will work cooperatively to create their own composting system in the classroom, solve composting problems and use resulting compost in and around the school!

Pollution Solution: The class will work together to perform an experiment using two fish tanks. They will "pollute" one tank with various household substitutes to represent pollution and compare the water quality to that of the clean water tank.  

Litter prevention

Students will build a litter awareness and be able to develop a personal responsibility to prevent it. Examples are provided below.

Litter Bag: Students will investigate the reasons why litter is undesirable and be able to state how littering behavior can be changed. Working in groups, the students will go through a bag of (clean) trash that is commonly found as litter and work together to analyze the best method of disposal for each item and determine why each is undesirable as litter.

Timely Trash: Students will each be given an event in a timeline of the history of trash but will not be given the year it occurred! They will work as a group to try and organize themselves and their event in the proper order. Once they think they have the correct order, we learn if they got it right!


If you would like to schedule an activity, visit our Contact Us page and let us know!

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