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Historic Cemetery Restoration

Historic Cemetery Restoration

The City of Pensacola has contracted Keep Pensacola Beautiful to restore three historic cemeteries in the Pensacola area, Mt. Zion Cemetery, AME Zion Cemetery, and AME Magnolia Cemetery. These cemeteries are so overgrown that visitors to the site have not even been able to see the gravestones. We have been working to change this! We are partnering with the University of West Florida Archaeology Institute and the St. Michael's Cemetery Foundation to recruit volunteers to help cut back this growth so that friends and families of the deceased can come and pay their respects.  Keep Pensacola Beautiful will be responsible for the continued maintenance of Mt. Zion Cemetery The continued maintenance of the other cemeteries has yet to be arranged. We are hoping that a nearby church or organization will take on the responsibilities. Contact Us to get involved!

Our Impact This Quarter: Sept 2018-Dec 2018

  • Volunteer Hours


  • Community Service Hours
  • Trash Removed from Local Events
  • Roadside Litter Removed
  • Litter Barrels at Parks Serviced
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