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Composting is a way to recycle organic matter, i.e., leaves, vegetable and fruit scraps, etc., into a rich soil. It has many benefits not only for the garden itself but also  for the environment. Below are links explaining how to make a compost pile, what they are, what the benefits of having one are, and even a Florida gardening calendar to help you keep your garden fresh year-round! 

How to make compost

Why should I compost?

Sustainable management of food

Environmental Benefits of Recycling and Composting

Why composting can help mitigate climate change

Florida Gardening Calendar

Composting at Home


Don't know where to start? Watch this helpful video on how to start your very own compost! 


Composting can be a family effort, too! Here are a couple of interactive links to show kids the importance of composting. 

Composting for kids -- Peppa pig teaches kids how to compost!

Composing Compost -- Help Arthur through the garden maze and choose which items can be composted and which ones can not!

Junk Food Game -- Keep Wallace the Worm healthy by feeding him all the compostable items!


or try one of these at home project guides!

Composting for kids guide

Learning through play


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