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Waste in Place

Classroom Education

Educational Activities About Recycling:

KPB can provide your class with a variety of educational activities, free of charge, that center around proper recycling habits, the recycling process and why it is important for our community. Schedule a class period and a KPB representative will come to your school and deliver a fun and interactive activity. These activities can be tailored for different age groups and are generally designed to last 45 minutes to an hour. Materials and equipment are all provided by KPB.

Please review the list of topics below:

Papermaking: Students will be able to name the benefits of paper recycling, summarize the paper recycling process and will make their own sheets of recycled paper!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Students will be able to identify consumer behaviors that contribute to the solid waste stream and will find how they score on a short survey that will examine the choices they make as consumers and how those choices affect the solid waste stream. This is a short activity and can be combined with another topic.

Plastics By The Numbers: Students will be able to recognize the role of plastics in our society, describe the plastics identification code, demonstrate the separation of plastics for collection and recycling, and explain the need for a plastics identification code.

A Little R & R: Students will be able to understand the difference between the words and symbols for "recycled" and "recyclable", discuss the various raw materials used to create different products, and identify types of recycled content products.

MRF in Action: Students will be able to identify ways materials can be separated and sorted at recycling centers or a materials recovery facility (MRF), including the follow five ways: 1. conveyor belts, 2. blowers, 3. flotation, 4. magnetism, 5. Manual Pickers. Students will simulate these five separation techniques. This is an interactive, fun, hands-on activity.


If you would like to schedule an activity, visit our Contact Us page and let us know!


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