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Waste in Place

Classroom Education

Educational Activities About Litter:

KPB can provide your class with a variety of educational activities, free of charge, that center around litter awareness, prevention, and personal responsibility. To prevent litter we all need to adopt good habits and encourage others to do the same! Schedule a class period and a KPB representative will come to your school and deliver a fun and interactive activity. These activities can be tailored for different age groups and are generally designed to last 45 minutes to an hour.

Please review the list of topics below:

Litter Bag: Students will investigate the reasons why litter is undesirable and be able to state how littering behavior can be changed. Working in groups, the students will go through a bag of (clean) trash that is commonly found as litter and work together to analyze the best method of disposal for each item and determine why each is undesirable as litter.

Timely Trash: Students will each be given an event in a timeline of the history of trash but will not be given the year it occurred! They will work as a group to try and organize themselves and their event in the proper order. Once they think they have the correct order, we learn if they got it right!

Buddy the Story Telling Frog: Our frog puppet, Buddy, has three story books that he can share with preschool age kids! "If It's Litter and You Know it...", "The Jalapeno Seed", and "Where Does Gum Go?"

The Integrated Approach: Students will be able to identify five options for solid waste management and the appropriate methods of waste management for items commonly found in the municipal solid waste stream. This activity involves teamwork, a fun relay race and quick thinking!

If you would like to schedule an activity, visit our Contact Us page and let us know!




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