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Waste in Place

Classroom Education

Educational Activities about Beautification:

KPB can provide your class with a variety of educational activities, free of charge, that center around community beautification, environmental stewardship and the plants and critters all around us. Schedule a class period and a KPB representative will come to your school and deliver a fun and interactive activity. These activities can be tailored for different age groups and are generally designed to last 45 minutes to an hour. Materials and equipment are all provided by KPB.

Please review the list of topics below:

Turn Over a New Leaf: Students will be able to identify materials needed in the composting process, identify problems that may arise in composting, and list ways to use compost. Students will work cooperatively to create their own composting system in the classroom, solve composting problems and use resulting compost in and around the school!

Pollution Solution: The class will work together to perform an experiment using two fish tanks. They will "pollute" one tank with various household substitutes to represent pollution and compare the water quality to that of the clean water tank.  



If you would like to schedule an activity, visit our Contact Us page and let us know!

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